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I've plugged my set in but it won't turn on.
    Some of our TVs have a master power switch on the back.  This needs to be turned on before the remote will work.  If this isn't the cause of the problem then please check the following:

  1. The TV is plugged in and turned on at the mains (seems obvious, we know, but sometimes it is overlooked!)
  2. Try pressing the on/off (standby) button on the TV.  If this works then check your remote (steps 3 and 4). If it doesn't work, go to step 5 and call our Customer Service department.
  3. Check the batteries in the remote control.
  4. If you are using a universal remote control (such as a Sky remote, Virgin Media or All-In-One) make sure you have set up the correct code.  Contact the remote manufacturer for further assistance.
  5. If you've checked all of this and the TV still won't switch on give our helpline a call on 0345 658 8290
Once power is connected successfully the front LED will glow red.