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I have a BT Home Hub and my Smart TV isn't working

If using a Smart TV and you get an error message regarding BT Parental Controls, it is most likely due to your security settings.

Try the following:-

>Open browser on your PC
>Enter, Enter
>Click on settings
>Hub manager page will appear ( login with admin password)
>Click on port forwarding option
(You will get page with options ‘Games or application’ and ‘Device’)
>Select the application/games
>Select the device ( which customer is adding)
>Click on Add

>Then reboot the TV and the apps should work




>Sign into BT Home Hub and remove/disable Parental Controls

>Contact BT to disable Parental Controls remotely

>Reboot TV, PC and Home Hub Router

>Turn BT Network Protect off

>Apps should then work on your Smart TV