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simply brilliant
Picture is the wrong size/ratio
    In the UK, television is generally broadcast in Widescreen format, also known as 16:9 (the ratio of the picture length to height).  Your TV defaults to this size, but it is possible to change it through the settings to 4:3 (the old format before widescreen became popular), automatic zoom and full screen size.  If the picture being broadcast is of a different size to the one you select you may find it will be stretched or truncated giving an unnatural feel to the picture.  To avoid this, when watching standard broadcasts keep your TV on Auto and your Seiki TV will make the picture look simply brilliant.

If you are using your TV as a computer monitor you can adjust the settings on the set-up menu.  Depending on the model, you can get a high quality display by ensuring that the screen mode is set to PC and the Aspect Ratio is set to Full.  The best quality picture will be shown if you connect your PC using an HDMI cable although VGA works great too.